This is the research site of Bernard van Gastel. This site includes academic articles, and background articles. Sometimes I appear in the media, and that is also listed here. I work at the Radboud University, in the interdisciplinairy hub for digitalization and society. In short the institute is called the iHub. We are looking into the effects of digitalization. And as I am a computer scientist, my focus is security and privacy of software and systems. I combine area with my other research interest in energy efficient software. Together, I call this Sustainable Software. My non-academic programming work can be found on my Bit Powder site, which include a shared clipboard over SSH utility, and some libraries.

At iHub, I head our lab. This lab makes proof of concepts for researchers, to quickly validate hypotheses. We also work on some larger projects, that are either digital infrastructure or scale up projects. You can read more about that on this page.

Download PhD thesis about sustainable software

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Bernard van Gastel (in full: dr. B.E. van Gastel)
Assistant professor (in Dutch: universitair docent) in security and privacy
Interdisciplinairy hub for digitalization and society (iHub)
Radboud University

E19.04 in the Erasmusbuilding, RU